Go-Ahead London will be operating Surrey School routes

615, 618, 619, 668 & 669

Effective from: Monday 17th April 2023 



Tickets for Surrey School routes 615, 618, 619, 668 & 669 will be available to purchase On-Line from Monday 10th April 2023 & On Bus from Monday 17th April 2023.

We are unfortunately able to accept cash on any of our services. 

For any assistance with your booking, please contact our operations team on 020 8545 6114.


Towards St Andrews School  
Woodmansterne, nr Chipstead Valley / Rectory Lane 07:10
Woodmansterne Post Office (o/s) 07:14
Banstead / the Woolpack (adj) 07:18
Banstead / Marks & Spencer (opp) 07:20
Banstead Crossroads (W-bound) 07:24
Nork Drift Bridge (S-bound) 07:27
Nork, adj Montrouge Crescent 07:31
Epsom College (o/s) 07:36
Epsom High Street (Stop K) 07:42
Epsom Hospital (Stop P) 07:50
Ashtead The Street (SW-bound) 07:55
Leatherhead, o/s St. Andrew's School 08:05


Towards Chipstead Valley  
Leatherhead, o/s St. Andrew's School 15:15
Ashtead The Street (NE-bound) 15:20
Epsom Hospital (Stop R) 15:23
Epsom College (opp) 15:35
Nork, opp Rose Bushes 15:40
Nork Drift Bridge (SE-bound) 15:43
Banstead Crossroads (E-bound) 15:47
Banstead / Marks & Spencer (adj) 15:50
Banstead / the Woolpack (opp) 15:52
Woodmansterne Post Office (opp) 15:55
Woodmansterne, nr Chipstead Valley / Rectory Lane 16:00

Towards St Andrews  
Walton-on-the-Hill, Howard Close 06:57
Walton-on-the-Hill, Mere Pond 07:00
Tadworth Railway Station 07:02
Shelvers Way, Shelvers Green 07:06
Tattenham Way, Tangier Way 07:14
Great Tattenham, Merland Way 07:18
Tattenham Corner 07:20
Langley Vale, Harding Road 07:28
Epsom General Hospital 07:41
Ashtead, The Street 07:46
St Andrews School 07:54
Kingston Road, Therfield School 08:10


Towards Walton-on-the-Hill  
St Andrews School 15:15
Ashtead, The Street 15:20
Epsom General Hospital 15:23
Langley Vale, Harding Road 15:35
Tattenham Crescent, Station 15:42
Tattenham Way, Tangier Way 15:46
Burgh Heath, Shell Garage 15:50
Shelvers Way, Shelvers Green 15:56
Walton-on-the-Hill, Mere Pond 16:01
Walton-on-the-Hill, Howard Close 16:03

Towards Therfield School  
Lower Kingswood, opp The Fox 07:08
Tadworth Court (opp) 07:14
Tadworth Railway Station (adj) 07:18
Tadworth, adj Allum Grove 07:21
Burgh Heath, opp Merefield Gardens 07:26
Tattenham Corner Great Tattenhams (W-bound) 07:28
Tattenham Corner Railway Station (adj) 07:33
Epsom Treadwell Road (just after) 07:37
Epsom High Street (Stop K) 07:42
Epsom Ashley Road (Stop M) 07:45
Epsom Hospital (Stop P) 07:49
Ashtead The Street (SW-bound) 07:54
Leatherhead, o/s St. Andrew's School 08:05s
Leatherhead, opp All Saints School 08:14


Towards Lower Kingswood    
Leatherhead, o/s St. Andrew's School 15:15 16:30
Ashtead The Street (NE-bound) 15:20 16:34s
Epsom Hospital (Stop R) 15:23 16:38s
Epsom High Street (Stop G) 15:28 16:43s
Epsom, o/s Fire Station 15:35 16:50s
Ewell, opp Chartwell Place 15:40 16:55s
Tattenham Corner Railway Station (opp) 15:44 16:59s
Tattenham Corner Great Tattenhams (S-bound) 15:45 17:00s
Burgh Heath, adj Merefield Gardens 15:50 17:04s
Tadworth, opp Merland Rise 15:55  
Tadworth Merland Rise (N-bound)   17:07s
Tadworth, opp Allum Grove 15:55  
Tadworth, opp Merland Rise Sports Centre   17:07s
Tadworth Ashurst Road (SE-bound) 15:55  
Tadworth, adj Headley Drive   17:08s
Tadworth Railway Station (opp) 15:57  
Tattenham Corner Great Tattenhams (NE-bound)   17:09s
Tadworth Station Approach Road (SE-bound) 15:58  
Burgh Heath, opp St Marks Road   17:10s
Tadworth, adj The Lye 15:59  
Burgh Heath, opp Chapel Way   17:11s
Tadworth, adj Tadorne Road 16:00  
Burgh Heath, o/s Asda   17:12s
Tadworth Court (nr) 16:02  
Burgh Heath, opp Canons Lane   17:14s
Tadworth Court Roundabout (S-bound) 16:02  
Banstead, adj Tattenham Way   17:15s
Kingswood, opp Mill Road 16:04  
Banstead, opp Lyme Regis Road   17:16s
Kingswood, adj Warren Lodge Drive 16:04  
Banstead Garratts Lane (E-bound)   17:18s
Kingswood, adj Chipstead Lane 16:05  
Banstead / Marks & Spencer (adj)   17:19s
Lower Kingswood, adj Green Lane 16:07  
Banstead, adj Glenfield Road   17:20s
Lower Kingswood, adj The Fox 16:08  
Banstead / the Woolpack (opp)   17:22

S - Set Down Only


Towards St Andrews  
North Cheam, London Road 07:00
Ewell, London Road/Bluegates 07:05
Stoneleigh, Ewell bypass/Beggers Hill 07:09
West Ewell, Ruxley Lane/Kingston Road 07:15
West Ewell, Horton Park Country Club 07:25
Longmead, Blenheim High School 07:34
Epsom, Waterloo Road 07:44
Epsom, Ashley Road/Methodist Church 07:49
Epsom General Hospital 07:52
Ashtead, The Street 08:02
St Andrews School 08:15


Towards North Cheam  
St Andrews School 15:15
Ashtead, The Street 15:20
Epsom General Hospital 15:23
Epsom, Ashley Road/Methodist Church 15:28
Epsom, Waterloo Road 15:29
Longmead, Blenheim High School 15:37
West Ewell, Horton Park Country Club 15:45
West Ewell, Ruxley Lane/Kingston Road 15:53
Stoneleigh, Ewell bypass/Beggers Hill 15:58
Ewell, London Road/Bluegates 16:00
North Cheam, London Road 16:05


Towards Dorking  
Banstead Crossroads, layby Southbound 07:00
Walton-on-the-Hill, Howard Close 07:15
Tadworth Station 07:20
Shelvers Way, Tadorne Road 07:22
Lower Kingswood, Fox 07:32
Reigate, High Street Stop F 07:57
Dorking White Horse, Stop K 08:28
Dorking Townfield Court Stop S, (for Priory School) 08:30


Towards Banstead Crossroads  
Dorking, Horsham Road, opp. Townfield Court Stop R (for Priory School) 15:40
Dorking, opposite White Horse, Stop M 15:42
Reigate, London Road Stop E 16:00
Lower Kingswood, Fox 16:11
Shelvers Way, Tadorne Road 16:16
Tadworth Station 16:18
Walton-on-the-Hill, Howard Close 16:25
Banstead Crossroads, Boulters Lane Bus Stop 16:40