9 September 2019

As you will know, Reedwan Desai from Silvertown completed the fastest lap in the Lamborghini precision element of the Eco Challenge 2019 competition on Wednesday 4 September and became the owner of the top prize; a new Eco-friendly Fiat 500 car!

In descending order, the runners-up were:

• 3rd place: Andrew Currell - Bexleyheath
• 2nd place: Craig Honeyman - Bexleyheath

Reedwan was invited to Head Office on Monday 9 September to pick up the keys to his new car. He was grinning from ear to ear and delighted with his accomplishment.

"This is extraordinary, it seems surreal accepting the car keys from Mr. Trayner. I'm still as shocked as the day I won it!"

Reedwan Desai


“The Eco Challenge was so much fun and it was a great chance to meet colleagues from Head Office and other garages. My obvious highlight was winning the car but in terms of my favourite super car, I would say it was the Nissan GTR! Driving it was an exciting, nerve-wracking and exhilarating experience all rolled into one! The acceleration was brilliant, and it took the corners really well. I really felt the full effects of what it was capable of." 


“I'd like to thank Mr Trayner and the rest of his team for organising such a brilliant day. The team at U-Drive were also fantastic so I give a big thanks to them also. Overall, I had an absolutely superb day and winning the car made it even better!” 

Reedwan Desai


Congratulations on becoming such a worthy winner Reedwan - Well done.