BYD electrifies other vehicles in our bus fleet

today 20 April 2017 Press Release

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All bus fleets operate a range of support vehicles and BYD is seeking to provide operators with opportunities to electrify these as well as their service bus operations.

Go-Ahead London, operator of Europe’s largest fleet of electric buses (51 in service with a further 14 on order), has recently taken delivery of a BYD e6 passenger car to join its support fleet. The e6 is a pure electric car well proven in millions of miles of service in demanding taxi operations in countries around the world (Uber in London operates 30 and there are fleets in Brussels, Barcelona and Singapore as well as in various Chinese cities).

“We are conscious that bus operators new to electrification are keen to learn the ins and out of EV operation. Now, by offering our practical and reliable e6 car via attractive leasing packages, we are keen to provide opportunities to do so beyond our core ebus range”, says Frank Thorpe, BYD’s UK Country Manager.

“Through experience with cars – and, we hope soon, light commercial vehicles – in their support fleets, bus and other vehicle operators can gain valuable insights into charging requirements and other operational issues while both cleaning their environmental footprint and saving money due to the lower cost of electrical energy. They also get to experience the power of the BYD brand and our effective service operation ahead of committing to bus purchases”, said Mr Thorpe.