Farewell to our Belvedere garage

today 3 December 2017 News

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Belvedere bus garage has closed its doors for the final time on December 2 and all routes have been transferred to Bexleyheath and Morden Wharf.

The garage, which was  originally a Milk Dairy was taken over by Harris Bus which operated routes 132, 108 and 180, shortly after the privatisation of London Transport. In December 1999, Harris sold to East Thames Buses who also purchased Yards 2 and 3, (Yard 2 is where all the new and decommissioned buses are currently stored for Go-Ahead). In October 2010, Go-Ahead London purchased the East Thames Company which at the time also included Mandela Way.

Prior to its closure, Belvedere operated four routes; 180, 244, 669 and the N1, employing around 110 colleagues. Routes 180 and N1 were transferred to Morden Wharf and the 244 and 669 were moved to Bexleyheath.