Aneta Trojniak

Assistant Operating Manager

           Stockwell Garage





As a garage manager, what is your involvement in the Bus Driver Apprenticeship scheme?

When apprentices have completed their driver training, they are allocated to a garage and are then welcomed to the local team. On their first day I will introduce the apprentice to their new colleagues and their mentor, who will guide and support them through the garage induction, route learning and bus type training. I also set up monthly reviews to check how the apprentice is progressing, ensure they are made available to complete off-the-job training, conduct Gateway Readiness Meetings and liaise with the apprenticeship team to arrange end point assessments. We aim to be as supportive as possible, so I always encourage apprentices to reach out to me for any assistance and support they might need.


What are the benefits of the apprenticeship scheme?

For the apprentices they are gaining a nationally recognised qualification and in my experience the apprentices feel really supported here at Go-Ahead London. They continue to receive support from their assessor, mentor and managers throughout the scheme. The company also benefits from the training that apprentices gain on programme by seeing as improvement in retention, deduction incidents and improvement in passenger engagement.


What is the best part of the scheme for you as a garage manager?

I am so proud when apprentices progress through to their graduation – it’s such a satisfactory feeling for everyone in the team. The graduation ceremonies give us an opportunity to celebrate all the hard work and dedication that the apprentices have put in during their training.


What would you say to anyone thinking of joining the Go-Ahead London apprenticeship scheme?


Public transport is a great industry to work in and there are so many opportunities for learning and progression. By joining Go-Ahead London, the capital’s most successful bus operator, apprentices maximise their career potential.