3 September 2023

Exciting developments from today’s National Final of the annual Bus Driver of the Year competition, where Croydon’s Raj Viswanathan won the accolade as London’s best.

Now in its 56th year and with a focus on safety, this event sees drivers from across the UK demonstrate their roadcraft through a series of complex vehicle manoeuvres, in addition to a being judged on positioning and signalling, plus a demanding test of the Highway Code.  The final was once again held in Blackpool, which has been its home since 1982.

Before drivers attend the National Final, they are locally assessed.  Following careful consideration earlier this year, the following represented Go-Ahead London:

·       Manuel Lopes Dos Santos – Camberwell Garage

·       Muhammad Harun – New Cross Garage apprentice

·       Raj Viswanathan – Croydon Garage

·       Stephen Appiah – Merton Garage

·       Zaman Farrukh – River Road Garage apprentice

Not only was Raj first placed in the capital, but he was also judged top driver from across The Go-Ahead Group.  In an amazing accomplishment, apprentice driver Muhammad Harun came second in both the London and Go-Ahead categories. Raj (on the left) and Muhammad (on the right) can be seen with their trophies in this photo.

David Cutts, Managing Director, said: “Well done to all participants, but especially Raj, Muhammad and the entire Go-Ahead London delegation.  There are around 25,000 bus drivers in the capital and it is remarkable that two colleagues took first and second place in the London competition.  Congratulations to the whole team for this superb achievement.”  

Dated 31 August: