Go-Ahead London is delighted to be partnering with the charity Missing People.

today 13 May 2016 News

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Go-Ahead London is delighted to be partnering with the charity Missing People to help find vulnerable missing children and adults who may be travelling on our routes, and bring them home safely.
Missing People is a nationwide charity that offers a lifeline to the 250,000 people who run away and go missing each year in the UK. The charity provides a free, 24-hour helpline for anyone affected by someone who is missing. They listen in confidence, and support missing people and their families to explore their options and, where possible, to reconnect. For the families left behind, they provide specialised services - such as counselling and online guidance, to ease the heartache and confusion, and help with the search for their missing loved ones.
Missing appeals, generated by the charity when families and the Police ask for their help to find a missing loved one, will be displayed on digital screens so bus drivers can join the search for people who are missing. We will also re-tweet missing appeals issued by the charity on the company's Twitter account, enabling customers to join the search too.
We will also circulate Child Rescue Alerts issued by the charity to all bus drivers via email. Child Rescue Alert is a nationwide system, run by Missing People, the National Crime Agency and technology company Groupcall, which has the potential to save a child’s life in the event that a child is missing and believed to be at imminent risk of serious harm or death.
When a Child Rescue Alert is issued, it is sent directly to thousands of people through text, email, app notifications, social media, digital billboards and national media. This means that many more eyes and ears are on the lookout for the missing child. It costs nothing to register to receive Child Rescue Alerts at www.childrescuealert.org.uk
Jocelyn Mooney, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Missing People said, "The team at Missing People are so grateful to have such an incredible level of support from colleagues across Go-Ahead London. By embedding their support for the charity throughout the business, they will have an enormous impact on the number of people we reach with our missing appeals. This could make all the difference, helping us to find and provide crisis support to more vulnerable missing children and adults all over the Go-Ahead London network."